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Eren Lee Goes Vegan - Week 1

Eren Lee went vegan! He's about a week in, and he already thinks he's better than you. Just kidding. He doesn't think that. But he does think he's better than he was a week and a half ago. Read our Q&A with Eren Lee to see how his vegan experiment is going!

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Kori: So, how do you feel overall? 

Eren Lee: Overall, I feel really good. I used to work out constantly, and I never thought I could still do it without eating animals. There are definitely certain adjustments you have to make, but anyone who tells you that it's not possible is misinformed. There have definitely been some challenges. I'm trying my best not to use any products tested on animals, which isn't too difficult. The only thing I really miss is cheese. I may have had one slip up with some fine smoked mozzarella, but she meant nothing to me baby, I swear!

Kori: So we've already cheated? You're better than that, but I appreciate the honesty. What's your favorite healthy meal to eat at ION?

Eren Lee: Toss-up between Cali Melt on brown rice with a  side of sautéed veggies and the wilted arugula salad, no croutons, extra tofu with half an avocado. Eat to win, sucka!

Kori: I win no matter what. Like that time we raced down Main Street. 

Eren: I have asthma!!!! wah wah wah!!!! {cries for 5 minutes]

Kori: Don't try to take this away from me with medical excuses. What are your current workouts? 

Eren Lee: I've been starting each workout off with a mile run on a treadmill. My asthmatic lungs are  giant pansies and hate the cold. In the past week, I've brought my time down from somewhere around 8:00 to 7:44. I've never been much of a runner, so I have no idea if that's a big improvement or not. My kettlebell is my best friend. It's one of the best tools for getting a full body workout. 

Kori: Fair enough. Favorite vegetables?

Eren Lee: Definitely broccoli. I couldn't say "broccoli" when I was little, so I called it "hot trees". Hot trees for life, yo.

Kori: Stop trying to be cute. That's not why we're doing this. What do you eat when you're not at ION?

Eren Lee:  I try to keep it really simple. I'll make a huge batch of chick peas and brown rice with onions, and tomato with masala style spices and eat that for a while. I'm also digging tofu salad sandwiches from The Bridge. ION uses their tofu. It's made right here in Middletown, and it's some of the best you can get.

Kori: Are you being sponsored by The Bridge?

Eren: No.

Kori: It's ok if you are. 

Eren Lee: I'm not. 

Kori: Ok.  Anything else you'd like to add? 

Eren Lee: Music has made it very easy for me as well. A lot of my favorite bands just so happen to be outspoken vegetarians. I'll leave you with this gem:

 Check back next week to see how the vegan version of Eren Lee is doing!