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Vegan Drugstore Pretties

The topic of animal testing can be an interesting one. Experimental life-saving drugs. Cancer research. Those kinds of things. These discussions are interesting because they center around the importance of human life, the quality of human life, and what our moral responsibilities and allowances are to preserve that life.  We'll talk science and ethics all day long. 

What doesn't interest us in the slightest is animal testing for cosmetics. Whether or not animals should die so you can have a smokey eye is a pretty cut and dry issue in our opinion, and it's a conversation we really want no part of.  It's wrong, and we all know it's wrong, but not everyone has the time and desire to make it right. So we're here to help; here's 5 inexpensive makeup lines that are either entirely or almost entirely vegan - and they're available at your local drugstore at great prices. 

Be nice and pretty.