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Coif it up....for vegan hair products.

If smooth locks means killing and torturing animals, we'd rather throw our hair in a pony tail (or shave it all off) and call it a day. 

Styling your mane doesn't have to a cruel process. Check out these 5 inexpensive, cruelty-free options available at your local drugstore! 

Curious as to how, exactly, that non-vegan shampoo is tested? Here you go. 


Yes To Carrots - Interesting name, and great products. Always natural and never tested on animals. You can also say yes to cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables in their lineup.

Organix - A totally cruelty-free company, although not completely vegan. Many of their products contain animal by products, but the Cherry Blossom line and Green Tea Mint are vegan!

Burts Bees  - Avoid the ingredients containing honey if you will, but this company doesn't test any products on animals. A bit more expensive but worth the money. 

Loreal EverPure This is a really exciting product - not just because the quality is awesome, but because it's a major company that's taking the first steps towards becoming totally cruelty-free! The price and quality are completely comparable to their non-vegan lines. 

Kiss My Face - All Natural. All vegan. Also have a kids line!

Avalon Organics - Totally Organic. Totally Vegan.